I look back over my first blog post about psychology and saw how time flew by since the beginning of February to May 2017. The class and I,  all covered most of the psychology topics and the topics which were most interesting to me were the Sleep, Drugs ,Alcohol and the Brain and Classifying Mental Illness. At the beginning of the year I said the same exact topics and they resulted being interesting to me. My least favorite topics were scientific method, brain structures , and neurons. Those topics also resulted to be hard for me in class and exams. Before the course started, I thought scientific method, research method, and experimental design were not interesting. My question about this course was, what kind of  psychology skills can I develop and put to use? The skills I developed from this class is, how to study for tests, how sleep affects the body, the effects on drugs, how to do research, and the mental illnesses caused by genetic or formed by a certain disorders.  Since this was my first psychology course I was amazed of how much information I have learned throughout this course and will use it to my advantage and future use to help others and myself.


One thought on “Reflections

  1. I’m glad to hear you got a lot out of the class Juan. It’s cool that what you thought would be the most interesting turned out to be the case. I guess you know yourself pretty well!


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